Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing – mirror finish for metal components

Boat, automotive and plastic industries 

Mechanical polishing gives metal components a beautiful, reflective mirror finish. Mechanical polishing involves multiple steps and the use of special tools and versatile grinding, polishing and buffing techniques. 

Mechanical polishing is highly suited for high-gloss polishing of, for example, the ornamental parts of luxury yachts. Bright, mirror-like surfaces are also required in automotive parts. In the plastic industry, mechanical polishing is used on the casting molds of parts molded from molten plastic mass. 

Polishine has a strong passion for and solid expertise in polishing metal. The family company specializes in high-quality polishing methods. Established in 2010, the company has customers not only in Finland but also in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany.

PVD surface treatment

Wear-resistant surface for machine parts

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating provides wear resistance and an extended life for metal components. The process makes the component surface so hard that it hardly shows any wear at all. 

PVD coating is ideal for forming and molding tools. The highly wear-resistant coating is also an excellent choice for machine parts as it saves costs thanks to its durability.

Tones of copper and gold

Surface treatment can also be used to add color and looks to metal components. A gold or silver surface can be achieved through treatment. The color does not wear off in use. Compared to painting, the surface finish is extremely durable but also entails higher costs.

Custom work

Polishine can also provide you with an entirely new metal component as well as surface treatment. We can, for example, manufacture boat railings on the basis of customer drawings and perform the desired surface treatment.

Glass bead blasting, soda blasting, stainless steel shot blasting

Glass bead blasting

This method highlights the metal’s original color. Glass bead blasting is used to remove tarnish, scratches and impurities – the smooth surface is easy to keep clean. Glass bead blasting can also be used to treat even the smallest details of challenging metal components.

Soda blasting

Soda blasting is an effective method for removing dirt, grease, paint and existing protective coatings from the surfaces of metal components. Soda blasting does not cause damage to the component surface. Pressurized air is used to propel the glass bead media.