Electrolytic polishing

Oy Polishine Ab is a Jakobstad-based family company that specializes in surface treatment of metal. The company is well known for its high-quality electropolishing services. Electropolishing can be used to process hard-to-reach surfaces. 

Pharmaceutical industry and food industry as customers

Electropolishing, or electrolytic polishing, results in a very smooth and shiny surface. This efficient method renders the surface virtually sterile. Subsequently, electropolishing is widely employed in finishing equipment used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The slick and smooth surface is easy to keep clean.

Sterile and super glossy end result

Electropolishing removes material from the surface of the metal, ion by ion. It is a high-precision surface treatment method. In the process, microscopic roughness and impurities are removed from the surface of the part. 

After the polishing, the part is extremely smooth and virtually sterile. Thanks to these properties, this method is used in sectors with strict hygiene requirements, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

Electropolishing, or electrolytic polishing, can be applied to several basic metals, but it is most widely used for polishing stainless and acid-resistant steels due to the excellent results achieved. Parts with the most complex shapes and smallest details can easily be treated with electropolishing.